Part 1
Sox & Martin

Part 2
The Journey

Part 3
The Race
Car Hauler

Part 4
The Discovery

Part 5
The Car
Speaks for Itself

Part 6
The Sale

Part 1

Sox & Martin

It was 1971, it was by far the golden year for Sox & Martin, and it was the perfect storm. Chrysler management opened their pocket books as never before and poured money into the team. Chrysler wanted to sell Dusters, and they did. The team was given more money than any team in Pro Stock, and Sox & Martin had the freedom to create the best race cars their team could build. No expense was too great. Week by week, every imaginable change they could conceive was made a reality. Ronnie Sox was unquestionably the top driver in the nation. It was a moment in time... it was never the same again.

In the 1970 season Ronnie Sox drove the Barracuda and Herb McCandless drove the hemi Duster. This Duster was very different from the 1971 car and the 1972 car. On November 26th, 1970, with Herb driving the car hauler with the car on it, in Oklahoma, the car and the truck got destroyed in a flaming accident.

For the 1971 season, Sox & Martin built this Duster and a Barracuda. Ronnie was the only driver in both the Duster and the Barracuda. For this story, Herb McCandless, said that he drove the 1970 season Barracuda for the 1971 season.

In the 1972 season Sox & Martin came out with another new Duster for the summer nationals that year, and in the 1972 season, they also built a Dodge Demon for Herb McCandless.

To understand this story, it is important to understand that Sox & Martin had two entirely different 1971 and 1972 Dusters. Photos of both cars can be found on the internet, but many have assumed incorrectly that they are one in the same. Few know, because the car had been gone for over 30 years, that this 1971 Duster is the original.

This well known picture is this 1971 Duster.